Project 3: Typeface

Anthony Pan
4 min readSep 22, 2021


Characteristics, Personality, Rhymth & Flow


Today I did some analysis and research on my typeface: the FF Meta series.

I first took a look at the different elements that made this typeface unique. I studied a handout we were given in class and jotted down some interesting details and characteristics that I thought illustrated the personality of the font.

I created a google doc with a list of characteristics that described the font. I did some research on the history of the typeface, and I wrote a short essay detailing the history and personality of FF Meta.


Thumbnails sketches of some different potential magazine spread layouts.

These were some quick sketches I did on Procreate to visualize the layout of the magazine spread I would be designing. I took inspiration from the book Erick Spiekermann wrote about the font, utilizing the strong black, white, and yellow color palette. I also decided to mix in the salmon pick to create some diversity. I will be recreating some of these spreads in Adobe Illustrator.

I also did some type exploration; I worked with hyphenation, type letting, type sizing, and body width/height. I think I need to cut down on text.


I made some adjustments to the type readability because my column structure wasn’t as effective and optimal as it could be. I shortened my text as well, getting rid of the unnecessary and redundant text.

I played with different paragraph styles using different settings for type letting, column width, stroke weight, and type size.

I played with the rag and chose row 1 column 2 as my typesetting. It felt easy to read and the rag was managed well. It also had fewer hyphenations.

I started playing with some compositions I had made in Procreate and recreated them in Illustrator to be exported to InDesign.

These compositions were helpful in exploring a breadth of different styles. I ultimately chose 3 compositions I felt were visually interesting and maintained readability.

The 3rd one was the final composition I decided to go with. It takes after the subway maps that you can see in New York City or in Europe. FF Meta Pro is actually used on these maps, so I decided to take advantage of it.