Characteristics, Personality, Rhymth & Flow


Today I did some analysis and research on my typeface: the FF Meta series.

I first took a look at the different elements that made this typeface unique. I studied a handout we were given in class and jotted down some interesting details and characteristics that I thought illustrated the personality of the font.


Today I was asked to do a series of exercises to become familiar with some of the design principles we were introduced to in class:

Contrast, proximity, scale, alignment, color.

Holding it all together: Structure, System, Form

In collaboration with Julianna Bolivar and Jiyeon Chun.


Our group was introduced to Project 1: Grids; we were assigned to analyze the magazine Harvard Business Review. My role was to identify the consistencies and differences between the print and web mediums of the magazine.

As a group, we did a brief scan over the print issue we were given and places sticky notes on the wall, categorizing them into print, web, or both. …


We started our final project, studying the form of a shell and a computer mouse. We were asked to accurately create a model of the shell for Thursday’s class using one of 3 mediums—soap, clay, or bristol board. I chose to use clay as my first medium as I thought it would be easiest to get to learn the form without having to use too much abstraction.

I first started out with some sketches of the shell, studying its major and minor axes. …


Today I started my first storyboard of part 3 of the animal project. I wanted to achieve a variety of movements with the camera angle to capture the northern spotted owl’s behavior as best as I could given the 20 second time frame and 20 fps limit. I debated on several scenes but ultimately settled on the one I have put down below.

I also started watching some of the After Effects tutorials, and I’m a bit worried with all work ahead of me; I feel like this project is going to be very difficult given that I have…


I talked with my group members Hannah and Michelle, and we assigned ourselves a letter to study. I looked over the proportions and relationships, analyzed the curves and edges, and tried to understand the form from different perspectives.

I chose to study the letter “p” in Gill Sans MT Bold.


My first approach to the second part of the project was to identify what kinds of elements I wanted in my compositions. I needed the owl to be the focus of the composition, and I wanted the setting to be nighttime.

I started with some sketches of some compositions for my poster. I focused on creating a composition that would encapsulate why the northern spotted owl is an endangered species—deforestation.

3/14/21 Floor Plan initial drawings

Some proportions are still off. The beds are too large compared to the width of the room. The proportions of the actual room are not reflected in the objects and the dimensions of the drawing.


New floor plan drawings in 1 point perspective of the Stever House traditional double dorm room.

Part 1:


For this project, we were assigned to choose a threatened, endangered, or extinct species from the area we grew up in. I chose the northern spotted owl after some deliberation between it, the southern sea otter, or the coho salmon.

I then started some research on the behaviors, anatomy, and reasons for why they are now a threatened species.


Timed form and figure drawing with charcoal:

~1–2 minute high and low energy poses
Models: Shannon Lin, Catherine Liu, Karan Shah

18" x 24" newsprint

Drawing 1

Anthony Pan

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